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"If You Can Follow The Cooking Instructions
On The Back Of A Ready Meal...

...You Too Could Be Making 2,967 Per Week
Tax-Free In The Next Six Months...

...And That's Before It Gets Really Exciting..."

Dear Fellow Freedom-Seeker

Give me just 10 minutes of your time and I will show you the absolute simplest... downright easiest... and most fool-proof way to earn serious life-changing money you are ever likely to come across.

In fact, if you cannot make money with this, you had better keep buying those lottery tickets or sucking up to that rich old aunt, because trusting to luck is probably the only avenue left open to you!

Impressed? Probably not... yet.

I'm sure you've heard that sort of claim before, only to find that things didn't turn out quite so simple or quite so easy.

Why should this be any different?

"You Would Have To Try To Screw This Up..."

Well, how about...

Making money with this requires... no independent thought or action... absolutely zero initiative... and not the slightest hint of entrepreneurial flair.

In other words, you would pretty much have to actually try to screw this up for it not to work for you!

Convinced now?

Maybe not.

So how about I give you a few other things you won't be needing to make money with this?

  • You won't need prospects or customers
  • You won't need suppliers
  • You won't need a product
  • You won't need a website
  • You won't need to write a single sales letter or ad
  • You won't need to sell, promote, market or recommend anything
  • You won't need to talk to, telephone, write to or email anyone
  • You won't need to buy anything
  • You won't need experience
  • You won't need an education
  • You won't need imagination
  • You won't need to be remotely clever
  • You won't need to work hard (or much at all, really)
  • You won't even need to leave the house
In fact, all you do need to make money with this is...

  • A clunky old computer...
  • An Internet connection...
  • And at least 100 to spare
Oh... and what I am about to share with you today!

"Eliminates All The 'Hard Work'
In Making Money..."

OK. You may still be sceptical, but I hope you're also just a little bit intrigued...

If so, I simply ask that you read the rest of this letter in its entirety and keep an open mind.

I don't ask you to suspend your scepticism scepticism is good I just ask you to apply it with an equal measure of good old common sense.

However, I should warn you now that I will probably be testing some of the preconceptions you may have about how to make money and how hard you need to work for it!

In the next 10 minutes or so, I am going to show you how to totally eliminate all of the 'hard work' - in fact, pretty much any work at all - in making money.

Not only that, I am going to let you copy the exact same system that is currently paying me 6,300 per week, totally tax-free, for doing little more than watching a computer screen... and that is only scraping the surface of what this is capable of.

What makes this system unique and worthy of your attention is that it doesn't require any of the things that may have stood between you and success in the past.

Frankly, I don't even care if you are a 'serial failure'! If you have the ability to read and obey a set of instructions no more complicated than you'd find on the back of a ready meal, you will have the same success with this as the most gifted entrepreneur.

This simple cash-generating system works for absolutely anyone, no matter what age, sex, financial position, education, skill level, background or experience. And you can operate it even if the idea of 'running a business' scares the pants off you!

"Awesome Money-Making Potential..."

Yet, despite its simplicity, this system has awesome money-making potential. In fact, given a little time and patience and a willingness to reinvest some of your profits, this system is more than capable of creating pretty much any income you could want or dream about.

In just a few weeks, it could be financing some of those little luxuries in life, like a new car, a second holiday or that new kitchen you've always wanted. In a few months, you could be saying "Goodbye" to the 'day job' and earning far more money for far less effort and having far more time to enjoy it all.

Chances are, that's more than enough for you. If not, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot go on building your income until you join the many people who have become seriously wealthy - even millionaires - doing no more than I'll be showing you.

And, unlike so many money-making ideas, this is no gimmick, fad or idea that may work for a while and then pass into oblivion. It is a technique that has been making money and creating fortunes for decades and will continue to prosper for as long as people use money to buy and sell things.

The 'twist' I bring to the table is creating a system that makes this incredible moneymaking technique accessible to absolutely anyone.

"This Isn't Really Work At All..."

Don't get me wrong. I am not promising to make you a millionaire overnight just by sitting on your backside. As in any genuine opportunity, you will have to put in time and effort to get results. But that's pretty much all you will have to put in.

I can't even say that you will have to work hard, because this isn't really work at all. In fact, this doesn't even require your full attention!

What I can promise you is that this is far and away the simplest, easiest and most foolproof opportunity for anyone to build real wealth I have ever come across (and I've been around the block more than a few times).

In fact, let me be brutally honest...

If you cannot make money with this... something that needs no skills, no experience, no initiative and not even a hint of entrepreneurial flair... something that requires only that you robotically follow a few simple instructions... it is difficult to see how you could succeed with anything other than a less than demanding 'day job'!

And there's something else this system promises and delivers. Something else you'll seldom find in other so-called 'business opportunities'. This system is complete.

It includes absolutely everything you need to completely understand how it operates, to set it up in less than an hour, to make totally sure it works for you without risking a penny and then to start making money within hours of 'going live'. In fact, this system is so darned simple to understand and use that it would be impossible to 'hold something back'!

And that's guaranteed. If, for any reason... or even no reason at all... you are not completely convinced you can succeed with this system, you can take advantage of my No Nonsense, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

"This Could Soon Be Your Day Too..."

In a moment, I am going to tell you exactly what this is all about.

But first, let me tell you what I did this morning before sitting down to write this letter. It's important because this could soon be your day too...

  1. I got up around 6:45am

  2. I had a shower

  3. I made a cup of coffee

  4. I switched on my computer

  5. I logged into a particular website and accessed certain information

  6. I switched on the radio

  7. I sat drinking my coffee and listening to 'Radio 5 Live' whilst waiting for something to happen on the screen in front of me

  8. That 'something' happened at 7:15am

  9. I clicked the mouse 17 times and pressed 24 keys on the keyboard

  10. I went downstairs, made breakfast and sat down in front of the TV to watch the news

  11. At around 8:15am, I checked my computer... I had earned a tax-free 2,300 whilst munching on toast and marmalade and digesting the latest chunk of grim economic news from the BBC

  12. I logged-off the website, switched off my computer and wondered what to do with the rest of my day
More often than not, that is exactly what my 'working day' looks like.

To be honest, there are days that are more demanding. Sometimes I have to put in more time at the computer, but very seldom does it take me past noon. And the exact amount I earn will vary, but the average is currently around 1,150 per day and rising fast. I fully expect that figure to double in the next few months.

I should point out here that I choose to operate the system this way. I get up early anyway and I like to dive in, make my money quickly and have the rest of the day to do with what I please.

However, you could equally run this at other times of day to suit your lifestyle. And the more hours you put in, the more money you will make. The choice is yours. You are completely free to decide when and how long each day you devote to this.

"Far Simpler Than Any 'Business'..."

How do I make all that money in so little time and with such little effort?

Well, you may be more surprised to learn how I don't do it.

I don't earn it from an Internet marketing business, a direct marketing business, a property business, an eBay business, an import/export business, a retail business, a wholesale business, a brokerage business or an affiliate marketing business.

In fact I don't earn it from any sort of business, at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

No, it is much, much simpler than that.

I earn that money without creating, selling or handling a single product... without dealing with a single customer or supplier... without setting up a single website... without sending a single email... without talking or writing to a single person... without composing a single sales letter... without posting a single ad... without buying or selling a single thing... without marketing, promoting, selling or recommending anything to anyone... and without stepping one foot outside the house.

I started this 'business' with only 540 (I could have done it with 100), just nine months ago. It took me all of a leisurely hour to set up and I was banking real money from it the very same day I pressed 'Go'.

Since then, the money I make has grown every week and it will continue to grow.

Yet this 'business' takes me on average two hours a day to 'run' and, even then, it hasn't got my full attention.

"In This Case 'Anyone' Does Mean Anyone..."

I know what you're thinking... "Bully for you! But can I do this too?"

The answer is a resounding "Yes"!

Anyone starting out seven months ago with a basic computer, an Internet connection and my system would have got exactly the same results as I have.

This is all about slavishly following a simple set of instructions. Your results must be the same as mine, because I am slavishly following exactly the same simple set of instructions!

But perhaps you doubt me. Maybe you've been fed that "anyone can do this" line before only to find that, in the cold light of day, 'anyone' didn't turn out to include you!

If so, I know what you mean...

'Anyone' turns out to be 'anyone' with a list of potential customers to hand... or 'anyone' with basic marketing skills... or 'anyone' who can get a website up and running... or 'anyone' who happens to be able to throw a sales letter together... or 'anyone' with more time and money than they know what to do with... or 'anyone' who won prizes at school for English composition... or 'anyone' happy to cough up more cash to find out how it's really done... or maybe just 'anyone' who happens to have a modicum of the entrepreneurial flair the author is blessed with.

No, when I say "anyone can do this", I am not using 'marketing speak'. I literally and truly mean anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and 100 to spare can do this... and do this easily.

How can I be so sure? Because this is so darned simple that a robot could do it. There is no elbow room for even the most ham-fisted serial loser to screw it up!

The detailed instructions for running this 'business' fit onto a liberally spaced sheet of A4. Follow those simple instructions and you will know everything I know and you will be doing everything I do and, yes, given time, you will be earning exactly what I am earning. You don't need to bring anything else to this particular party!

"I Will Shatter Your Preconceptions
About Making Money..."

OK. That's enough of the teasing. As Rolf Harris might say, "Do you know what it is yet?"

You remember I said I would be testing your preconceptions about making money?

Well dust them off and prepare them for testing, because I am talking about trading the financial markets or, more specifically, financial spread-betting.

Whoa! If the words 'financial markets' and 'betting' have got your hackles up, hold on to your horses and hear me out!

In the rest of this letter, I am going to introduce you to a simple little system that will blow any reservations you may have totally out of the water!

Whether you are already a seasoned financial trader, think you know what it's all about but have never dipped your foot in the water, or have not the slightest inkling of what financial spread betting is about, keep reading.

And, if you have any negative preconceptions about financial trading - as understandable as those would be these days - put them aside for a moment.

Less than a year ago, I had those same preconceptions in spades. In fact, I wouldn't have touched any form of 'trading' or 'betting' with a ten-foot barge pole! But that was then. Now I know different... and how wrong I was!

Let's dive straight in and tackle the most common preconceptions right now...

  • Financial spread betting is not complicated. It would take me less than an hour to show you everything you need to know to trade using my system... and that's assuming you don't even know where to begin.

  • Financial spread betting is not expensive. I started this with a one-time investment of just 540 (and I'll show you how to do it with as little as 100).

  • Financial spread betting is not risky... not if you do it the way I do it. In fact, you actually limit your risk to exactly what you are comfortable with before you enter into a trade. I wish I could do that with all of my business activities!
And perhaps I should add that financial spread betting thrives under all market conditions, including the recent upheavels. You make money whether markets go up or go down and, if anything, the recent volatility has actually increased the opportunities available.

When I first came upon financial spread betting, I had all these preconceptions. In particular, the word 'betting' was a big turn-off for me. I regret to say it conjured up this rather grimy view of overweight, middle-aged men in string vests spending all day in seedy back-street betting shops, frittering away the rent and housekeeping money in a doomed quest for easy wealth.

I now realise that, approached the right way, financial spread betting is a 'business' like any other. And, if you treat it that way, rather than as a 'hobby' or a forlorn attempt to 'get rich quick', it can easily out-perform any other 'business' I have ever been involved with.

I know you may not be convinced yet, but please reserve judgement for just a little longer. Suffice it to say now that financial spread betting - the way I do it - is the simplest, cheapest, quickest, least risky and downright easiest way of doing 'business' I have come across. And I've run lots of businesses and tested lots of opportunities in my time.

"Once The Exclusive Preserve Of The Wealthy..."

So what is financial spread betting? (Those of you already in the know, hang in there, this won't take long.)

In very simple terms (the only ones we need to concern ourselves with), 'spread betting' means betting on whether a particular financial market will go up or go down.

There is a vast array of financial markets, but the ones we are interested in are currency exchange rates, collectively know as the 'forex' (short for 'foreign exchange') markets.

These determine, at any one time, how many Euros or US Dollars you will get for one British Pound, or how many Japanese Yen you will get for one US Dollar... in fact, pretty much how many of any currency you will get for one unit of another currency.

As you are probably aware (from the news, if nowhere else), exchange rates are continually changing in response to economic news items, market sentiment and a whole host of other factors.

Millions of people all around the world try to profit from these movements. If they believe, for example, that the Euro is about to strengthen against the British Pound, they will sell Pounds and buy Euros. If the Euro does indeed strengthen against the Pound, they will then convert their Euros back into Pounds and end up with more than they started with.

The principle really is as simple as that.

In fact, if you have ever gone on holiday abroad, you have already speculated on the forex markets without realising it.

If you have been to Spain, for example, you will have sold some of your Pounds and used them to buy some Euros. When you returned home, you will have sold your remaining Euros and converted them back into Pounds. In the meantime, if the Pound has weakened against the Euro, you will have made a 'forex' profit and, if the Pound has strengthened against the Euro, you will have made a 'forex' loss. And all while you were sunning yourself on the beach!

Not so long ago, trading the forex markets was the exclusive preserve of the wealthy. Normally, exchange rates do not move by very much at all in the short term. So you had to buy and sell very large quantities of the stuff to make a worthwhile profit. And even then, you had to pay for the information you needed to make your trading decisions and hand over a hefty slice of your profits to a greedy broker.

"All This... And Tax-Free Too!"

But, like with so many other things, all that has changed with the advent of the Internet and, more particularly, Internet spread betting.

The beauty of spread betting is that you can profit from forex price movements without actually buying or selling anything. Instead, you simply bet that an exchange rate will move up or down.

Exchange rate movements are measured in certain fractions of the currencies involved called points. When you open a spread bet, you specify a direction (up or down) and a stake of so much per point.

If the exchange rate moves in your direction, your profit will be the number of points moved multiplied by your stake. Conversely, if the exchange rate moves in the opposite direction, your loss will be the number of points moved multiplied by your stake.

It's really not that dissimilar to placing a bet on which horse will win the 2:30 at Newmarket. Except this is a two-horse race and it's up to you to pick the favourite.

There are numerous advantages that spread betting enjoys over actual trading...

  1. It is incredibly easy to do. All the information you need is on a single website and entering or exiting a trade (or bet) really is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

  2. You need very little money to get started. You can start spread betting with as little as 100 and then trade with very small stakes, increasing them steadily only as your profits grow.

  3. You can completely control your risk. As well as staking only as much as you are comfortable with, you can set limits in advance for your potential profit or loss from any trade, before you even enter it.

  4. You are on a level playing field with all the 'big players'. The spread betting company will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions... the sort of information that was only available to the wealthy not so long ago.

  5. All winnings are totally free of tax! This is classed as 'betting' and all betting winnings are currently free of tax to UK residents. This is huge! Depending on your circumstances, it can almost double your 'take-home pay' and the taxman can't do a thing about it!

  6. It's incredibly lucrative! Do it the way I do it and you will almost feel guilty by how much money you can make, in how little time and for such little effort.

  7. It fits into the lifestyle you want. The forex markets are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, so you can decide when you want to trade. And, as long as you keep an occasional eye on the screen, you are even free to get on with something else at the same time.

And, in my book, that all adds up to something far more important... freedom!

"A Fortnights Wages... Before Breakfast!"

Personally, I like to get in and get out quickly and then have the rest of the day to myself. When I choose to trade at all, I am usually done by 10am and often as early as 8am (sometimes even 7am). It is very rare that I venture into the afternoon.

And yet I can still walk away - often before breakfast - with far more than the average 'wage slave' takes home in an entire fortnight or more.

I can tell you, it is a great feeling when you 'clock out' at 10am on Monday morning having earned more than you would have pocketed from slogging away for a couple of weeks in a 'proper job'!

All the burden of 'earning a living' is lifted off your shoulders. You can just relax and do whatever you want with the rest of the day, totally stress-free, worry-free and guilt-free!

If you want to have a lie-in or take a few days off or go off on holiday on a whim, the need to earn money is no longer an obstacle... and there is no boss to tell you otherwise!

And you can never be made redundant or have to 'retire' from this 'job'. The world needs the financial markets to function. They have been around for an awfully long time and - despite the current upheavels - they aren't going anywhere short of an apocalypse (in which case your priorities are likely to change anyway!).

Trust me. The sense of calm and security you get from knowing that you can make money on your terms... whenever you want to... and that your future is in your hands and absolutely nobody else's... is incredibly liberating.

"You Have To Have A System..."

OK. If financial spread betting is as good as I say it is (and it is), why isn't everyone doing it?

Well, the truth is that more and more people are trying... but very few succeed.

In fact, around 90% of new traders start trading, lose money and give up within days or weeks. Or they persevere, make some headway, but never manage to make a 'living' from trading.

Only 10% get to the stage where they can give up the 'day job' and enjoy the fruits of becoming fully-fledged traders. Most of these become very wealthy and many become multi-millionaires. (I read somewhere that 20 of the 'Times' list of the 100 richest people in Britain made their fortunes from Internet spread betting.)

But just as important as the money is the lifestyle this 10% go on to live.

Trading allows them to do embarrassingly little 'work' for embarrassingly large amounts of money and have embarrassingly large amounts of free time to enjoy it all. Isn't that how we would all like to run our lives?

Clearly, every new trader sets out to be in the successful 10%. So how is it that nine out of every ten of them ends up failing?

Simple. They don't have a system.

By 'system', I don't necessarily mean anything fancy. It is simply a set of rules for when to get into a trade, how much money to stake on the trade and when to get out of the trade.

Most new traders have no system at all... or they have a system, but it doesn't work... or they have a working system, but they just don't follow it. They are, if you like, the spread betting equivalent of 'mug punters'.

Without a working system and the discipline to follow it, novice traders are doomed (Cap'n Mainwaring)!

Why? Because, sooner or later (usually from Day One), they will stop trading objectively and start trading emotionally. As soon as that happens, they are on the road to ruin.

They will try to squeeze that little extra profit out of every trade or get out of a trade early because of fear. Or they might start seeing trades where they don't exist, or stop taking trades because they think they 'know better'. In short, any logic or rationale they may have had when they started trading rapidly goes out the window. It's like giving a chimp a loaded shotgun!

Every new trader thinks they will be different. 90% never are. It is one thing to read about trading in a book or practice on paper but, when it is your own, real money ebbing and flowing on screen in front of you, it is well-nigh impossible to make objective decisions... unless you are one of the 10% with a system to make those decisions for you.

"Most Of The Stuff Out There Plain Doesn't Work!"

OK. To be one of the 10% of new traders who go on to realise the amazing life-changing potential of successful trading, you need a system. But where do you get that system?

Well, there are any number of people out there at the moment offering to make you rich by sharing their trading 'system' with you. The problem is that almost all of these so-called 'systems' just plain don't work! At least not for the novice trader.

In fact, it was the sheer volume of 'systems' on the market that got me involved in trading in the first place.

My business is 'business opportunities', so I make sure I am on all the major mailing lists. Towards the end of 2008 I started to be bombarded by offers through the post and online for one financial spread betting system after another.

For months, I ignored them. Maybe like you as you read this, I believed then that financial spread betting (in fact, any sort of 'betting') was a 'Mug's Game'.

But the offers kept coming in and I simply couldn't ignore them any more. Financial spread betting was clearly the 'hot topic' of the moment and it was time for me to find out whether there really was money to be made from it.

So I bought up pretty much everything that was going, from high-end software systems costing thousands, to cheap and cheerful 'Do It Yourself' options. And I spent three months poring over them.

To cut a very long story short and despite all the claims made in the sales literature, I just couldn't make any of them work for me, at least not on a consistent basis.

In many cases, the most expensive 'software' systems were also the most disappointing. Their big selling point is that they display trading signals live on screen in front of you... supposedly all you have to do to make money is to blindly get into and out of trades when the system tells you to.

Sounds great in theory... not quite so great in practice.

The first problem with these systems is that they have so many 'options' to set before you start trading that a whole 'secondary industry' has sprouted up promising to tell you which settings to use... for a small fee, of course!

And, even if you do manage to somehow set these systems up 'properly', you then run into the second problem...

It turns out that you are not really supposed to blindly trade the signals after all!

I was somewhat bemused (to say the least!) when the trading commentary associated with one very expensive system included comments like, "Yes, there was a signal at 8:45, but we probably wouldn't have acted on it because..."?

Or, "Yes, if you had followed the signal to get out of the trade at 10:50, you would have made a loss. However, we would probably have got out of the trade earlier, while it was still in profit, because..."?

The bottom line with these expensive software systems (it seems to me) is that you have to go a long way towards becoming a 'fully-fledged' trader before you know how to profitably trade their 'signals'. And, when you get to that level of knowledge, you probably no longer need their signals anyway!

I am not saying that they are useless. But I do believe they are essentially high-end 'charting packages'... powerful tools for the experienced trader who knows what he is doing, but way too sophisticated, confusing and ineffective for the total beginner.

At the other end of the scale, the simpler and cheaper systems did have the benefits of clarity and ease of use.

However, even the ones that worked (and that was the minority) seemed to suffer from a common problem. The profits they produced were either too small or too erratic. They might generate some 'fun money', but I couldn't see them giving me a regular, consistent and growing income, let alone a serious shot at financial freedom.

"Those Who Can't Trade,
Teach Others How To Trade..."

You've perhaps heard the expression, "Those who can, do... those who can't, teach". Well, I was coming away with the impression that "Those who can trade, trade... those who can't trade, teach others how to trade".

It was difficult to avoid the conclusion that most of these people were making lots of money from selling their 'systems' to others and not a lot from actually using them for themselves.

So I decided to look for 'real traders', people out there who were actually trading and not trying to sell anything to anyone else. I spent days wading through websites, forums and discussion groups to see whether there was any sort of common approach that successful traders were using to make money on a consistent basis.

The answer was "No" or, at least, "Not that I could find".

I came away genuinely shell-shocked from the unbelievable variety and complexity of methods these traders were using without developing any sort of consensus on what worked 'best'.

In fact, it looked to me like trading was more of a hobby for many of these people.

They seemed to revel in developing ever more complex systems using some of the most obscure 'indicators' you could imagine. Maybe some of them were making money... maybe lots of money... but I wondered whether most of them had lost sight of that objective in the pursuit of their 'craft'!

"There Had To Be A Simpler, Easier
And More Profitable Way..."

But, despite the absence of tangible results, my lengthy quest to find a working trading system was far from being a waste of time. I came away with two convictions...

  • There had to be a much simpler, easier and more profitable way for the total beginner to get into trading and...

  • I was going to find it!
So I drew up my 'shopping list' for the perfect trading system...

  1. The system has to be simple. I have looked at dozens of systems, some very straightforward and some eye-wateringly complicated, requiring you to master a whole host of statistical concepts before you even think about using them to actually make a trade. In my experience, simple solutions are almost always the best solutions and trading should be no exception.

  2. The system has to be obvious. You should be able to clearly identify the 'signal' telling you to enter or exit a trade as soon as it happens. If it's there, it should be in-your-face obvious, without a shadow of a doubt. Too many systems rely on spotting weird and wonderful patterns that leave you wondering "is it or isn't it?" When it's your money on the line, you want that signal to either be screaming out at you or not there at all.

  3. The system has to be complete. As well as telling you in no uncertain terms when to enter a trade, it also needs to tell you exactly how much to stake on the trade and when to exit out of it.

  4. The system has to be objective. Emotion leads to failure in trading and the only way to totally avoid emotion is for the system to make all of the decisions for you.

  5. The system has to be reliable. It must not only turn a profit, it must be capable of producing significant, consistent and long-term profits sufficient to generate a full-time income and, ultimately, real wealth.

    There are many systems out there that are profitable. But they either produce large profits once in a blue moon or tiny profits from a multitude of trades. In my opinion, if a trading system is to replace your 'day job', it needs to produce an income that is both regular and reliable.

  6. The system has to be scaleable. It has to allow you to grow your profits by simply increasing your stakes in proportion to your winnings. You can then start small but steadily increase your income to pretty much whatever you want it to be.

  7. The system has to be safe. Of course, there is no such thing as 'totally risk-free'. However, the system should ensure that novice traders get into profit as quickly as possible, so they then have the comfort and security of 'playing with other people's money'.

  8. The system has to be flexible. It should not tie you to a computer screen all day. You should be able to trade when you want for as long as you want and the system will still be profitable. (At least for me, living as a trader is as much about the lifestyle as the money!)
I wasn't asking for much then!

With my shopping list in place, I set out, determined to fill it.

"Then I Had My 'Eureka!' Moment..."

I rolled up my sleeves, made the first of endless cups of coffee and sat down to study the price charts. How difficult could it be? All I was looking for was a simple signal or pattern that might indicate prices were about to change direction.

Three months and hundreds of cups of coffee later, I still hadn't found it.

And it wasn't even as if I was having fun. In case you are ever tempted to do this yourself, let me warn you. It is a very long, very tedious and very, very boring process!

There are literally thousands of permutations of markets, timeframes and potential signals and testing just one can take hours! It wasn't long before I was seeing forex price charts in my sleep (I kid you not)!

As so often happens (with me at least), I was on the point of chucking it all in when I had my 'Eureka! Moment'. Actually, I had three mini 'Eureka! Moments' that I then welded together into a really big 'Eureka! Moment'!

I am not going to tell you exactly what these revelations were in this letter. They form the core of the system I developed out of them and your never know who might be listening!

I will say that, firstly, I realised I was coming at this from totally the wrong direction.

Secondly, it dawned on me that this is nothing more than a simple exercise in probability (and I happen to have a degree in that!).

Thirdly, it had been nagging away at me for some time that there was something fundamentally wrong with the approach that all the other 'systems' were taking, but I could not put my finger on it. Suddenly, it dawned on me what it was.

Armed with these insights, I now knew exactly what I was looking for... and it didn't take me long to find it.

"What I Ended Up With Was
So Ridiculously Simple..."

What I discovered was a single, unambiguous and gloriously simple signal that has an uncanny ability to predict changes in the direction of prices in a particular forex market.

After my months of research, theorising, analysis, back-testing, tweaking and re-testing across dozens of markets and timeframes, I still find it difficult to believe that what I have ended up with is so ridiculously simple!

In a way, I almost feel 'cheated'. After all that time and hard graft, I was half-expecting something 'big' and 'monumental' to come out of the other end. Instead, out pops this incredibly modest and unassuming thing!

But then, the 'simple' answer does so often turn out to be the 'right' answer. Take Einstein's formula, E=mc2. That is so beautifully simple and yet it describes the behaviour of the whole blinking universe!

So I had my signal, but that was far from being a trading 'system' a total beginner could use. On its own, it tells you when to enter a trade and in what direction (up or down). But, it doesn't answer the equally important question of "When do you get out of a trade?"

And, no, it's not as simple as staying in a trade while it is "going in the right direction" and getting out when it "starts to go in the other direction".

Unfortunately, markets are not so obliging as to go straight up or straight down. Instead, they may make several changes of direction along the way. The problem is knowing which of these changes of direction are temporary and which are genuine reversals in the trend.

Knowing when to get out of a trade is actually more important to your long-term success as a trader than knowing when to get in. And that's why it is such a shame that so many so-called 'systems' fail to address the issue properly.

I knew that, for my system to be a success, I had to take this vital decision out of the hands of the beginner.

So it was back to the charts. After examining hundreds of price movements, I came up with the 'right' amount of profit to take from a winning trade and the 'right' point to bale out of a losing trade to maximise overall profitability.

So far, so good. My system now told you when to get into a trade and when to get out of a trade. There was just one element remaining. And that was another much-neglected area that novice traders fall foul of... How much money do you stake on each trade?

"A Complete Trading System That Anyone
Could Just Pick Up And Run With..."

It is amazing how many beginners have absolutely no plan for how to manage their money and come a cropper as a result. Some bet far too much on their trades and suffer unnecessarily from a short run of losses. Others stake far too little and never succeed in creating a trading 'bank' large enough to build real wealth.

Yet money management is actually the easiest part of the whole process. I have come up with a simple 'staking plan' that specifies exactly how much you need to start trading, exactly how much you should stake on each trade and exactly how much of your profits to reinvest to ensure your income grows both rapidly and safely and all the time keeping you comfortably immune from the occasional run of losses.

Job done! I had created a complete trading system that absolutely anyone could just pick up and run with, even if they had never heard of forex, trading or spread betting before.

But did it actually work?

First, I 'back-tested' it on historical data... going back three months, looking for my signal and recording the results. I was amazed by what I found.

My system produced an average profit of 24.8 points per day over the 12 week period.

Now, you probably won't appreciate the fact at the moment (unless you have already done some trading), but an average of 24.8 points profit per day is an exceptionally good return from a trading system.

When I started out to find a system, I set a target of 10 points a day. By my calculations, 10 points profit per day on a consistent basis would be enough to allow someone to give up the 'day job' and gain financial independence through trading.

To put that into context, many professional traders are content to take an average of just 5 to 10 points per day.

So you can begin to imagine how shocked and delighted I was when my system started spitting out 2.5 times that amount!

But 'back-testing' is one thing. The real test of a trading system is how it performs in live trading.

So, seven months ago, I put my money where my mouth was and started trading the system for real... and I am now going to do something you won't see many (if any) other trading system 'providers' do...

"Here Are The Actual Day By Day Results..."

I'm going to show you the actual trading results from using my system.

And I'm not going to 'cherry-pick' a few good results here and there, like others do. Or show you a bunch of 'averages' that look good in themselves, but conveniently hide bad results in amongst the good ones.

No, I am going to show you the real and unvarnished results, day by day, for each and every day since I started trading my system with my own money 7 months ago.

These results are absolutely genuine. They are not from 'paper-trading' or from applying the system to historical data. What's more, these results can be easily verified by simply going back through past price movements and applying my system.

OK, so you will know what you will be looking at, here is what the information in the table of results means...

  • The first column shows the day and the date.

  • The second column shows the profit or loss in points from trading 'Daily', 6am to 5pm. Profits are shown as positive numbers and losses as negative numbers.

    We'll be seeing how those points turn into money in a moment (you will recall from earlier that the profit or loss in money is simply the profit or loss in points multiplied by the stake you specify when you open the trade).

    The results are for 6am to 5pm purely because those are the times I choose to trade. You are entirely free to trade the system at whatever times best suit you.

  • The third column shows the profit or loss in points from trading the system using what I call my 'Early Bird' approach (more on this in a minute). Again, profits are shown as positive amounts and losses as negative amounts.

  • There are rows (in blue) to show the totals for each of the 29 weeks of trading.

  • At the bottom of the table, you will see grand totals for the whole 29 weeks. I have then calculated the average daily and weekly profits for each trading approach.
With that all said, here are those results...

Day 'Daily'
'Early Bird'
Monday 1st June +47 +47
Tuesday 2nd June +19 +47
Wednesday 3rd June -9 +19
Thursday 4th June +19 +47
Friday 5th June +66 +47
WEEK 1 TOTALS +142 +207
Monday 8th June +47 +47
Tuesday 9th June +66 +47
Wednesday 10th June +57 +47
Thursday 11th June +10 -9
Friday 12th June +66 +19
WEEK 2 TOTALS +246 +151
Monday 15th June -84 -84
Tuesday 16th June +19 +47
Wednesday 17th June +38 +47
Thursday 18th June +141 +47
Friday 19th June +38 +19
WEEK 3 TOTALS +152 +76
Monday 22nd June +10 +47
Tuesday 23rd June +57 -9
Wednesday 24th June +10 +19
Thursday 25th June +94 +47
Friday 26th June -84 -84
WEEK 4 TOTALS +87 +20
Monday 29th June +10 +47
Tuesday 30th June +29 +47
Wednesday 1st July +57 +47
Thursday 2nd July +160 +19
Friday 3rd July +10 +19
WEEK 5 TOTALS +266 +179
Monday 6th July +66 +47
Tuesday 7th July -46 +47
Wednesday 8th July +19 +19
Thursday 9th July +85 +47
Friday 10th July -18 +47
WEEK 6 TOTALS +106 +207
Monday 13th July +29 +19
Tuesday 14th July -37 +19
Wednesday 15th July +66 +47
Thursday 16th July +10 -9
Friday 17th July +19 +19
WEEK 7 TOTALS +87 +95
Monday 20th July +19 +19
Tuesday 21st July +141 +47
Wednesday 22nd July +10 -9
Thursday 23rd July +94 +47
Friday 24th July -37 +19
WEEK 8 TOTALS +227 +123
Monday 27th July +18 +18
Tuesday 28th July +47 +47
Wednesday 29th July -37 +47
Thursday 30th July +20 +47
Friday 31st July +66 +19
WEEK 9 TOTALS +114 +178
Monday 3rd August +10 -9
Tuesday 4th August -84 -84
Wednesday 5th August +66 +19
Thursday 6th August -9 -9
Friday 7th August +160 +47
WEEK 10 TOTALS +143 -36
Monday 10th August +19 +47
Tuesday 11th August +34 +19
Wednesday 12th August +38 +47
Thursday 13th August +47 +47
Friday 14th August -18 +19
WEEK 11 TOTALS +120 +179
Monday 17th August +37 +47
Tuesday 18th August +19 +47
Wednesday 19th August -9 +47
Thursday 20th August +68 +47
Friday 21st August +94 +47
WEEK 12 TOTALS +209 +235
Monday 24th August +19 +47
Tuesday 25th August +113 +47
Wednesday 26th August +16 +19
Thursday 27th August -9 +47
Friday 28th August +66 +19
WEEK 13 TOTALS +205 +179
Monday 31st August +10 +47
Tuesday 1st September +66 +47
Wednesday 2nd September -56 -56
Thursday 3rd September +19 +19
Friday 4th September +94 +47
WEEK 14 TOTALS +133 +104
Monday 7th September -28 -28
Tuesday 8th September -37 +47
Wednesday 9th September +19 +19
Thursday 10th September +94 +47
Friday 11th September +32 +32
WEEK 15 TOTALS +80 +117
Monday 14th September +66 +47
Tuesday 15th September -9 -9
Wednesday 16th September +38 +47
Thursday 17th September -84 -84
Friday 18th September -37 +47
WEEK 16 TOTALS -26 +48
Monday 21st September +47 +47
Tuesday 22nd September +47 +47
Wednesday 23rd September 0 0
Thursday 24th September +47 +47
Friday 25th September -37 +47
WEEK 17 TOTALS +104 +188
Monday 28th September 0 0
Tuesday 29th September +66 +47
Wednesday 30th September +47 +47
Thursday 1st October +19 +19
Friday 2nd October +19 +19
WEEK 18 TOTALS +151 +132
Monday 5th October +38 +47
Tuesday 6th October -9 -9
Wednesday 7th October -9 -9
Thursday 8th October -28 -28
Friday 9nd October +94 +47
WEEK 19 TOTALS +86 +48
Monday 12th October +19 +47
Tuesday 13th October +94 +47
Wednesday 14th October -33 -33
Thursday 15th October 0 0
Friday 16th October +94 +47
WEEK 20 TOTALS +174 +99
Monday 19th October -27 -27
Tuesday 20th October -6 -6
Wednesday 21st October +48 +48
Thursday 22nd October +21 +21
Friday 23rd October +21 +21
WEEK 21 TOTALS +57 +57
Monday 2nd November -27 -27
Tuesday 3rd November +69 +48
Wednesday 4th November 0 0
Thursday 5th November -27 -27
Friday 6th November +48 +48
WEEK 22 TOTALS +63 +42
Monday 9th November +48 +48
Tuesday 10th November +48 +48
Wednesday 11th November +48 +48
Thursday 12th November -54 -54
Friday 13th November +20 +20
WEEK 23 TOTALS +110 +110
Monday 16th November +48 +48
Tuesday 17th November -33 -6
Wednesday 18th November -6 -6
Thursday 19th November +21 +21
Friday 20th November +48 +48
WEEK 24 TOTALS +78 +105
Monday 23rd November 0 0
Tuesday 24th November 0 0
Wednesday 25th November +48 +48
Thursday 26th November +48 +48
Friday 27th November +96 +48
WEEK 25 TOTALS +192 +144
Monday 30th November 0 0
Tuesday 1st December +48 +48
Wednesday 2nd December +48 +48
Thursday 3rd December +48 +48
Friday 4th December 0 0
WEEK 26 TOTALS +144 +144
Monday 7th December +48 +48
Tuesday 8th December 0 0
Wednesday 9th December -54 -54
Thursday 10th December -27 -27
Friday 11th December +96 +48
WEEK 27 TOTALS +63 +15
Monday 14th December +48 +48
Tuesday 15th December +48 +48
Wednesday 16th December +21 +21
Thursday 17th December 0 0
Friday 18th December +48 +48
WEEK 28 TOTALS +165 +165
Monday 4th January +48 +48
Tuesday 5th January +96 +48
Wednesday 6th January +48 +48
Thursday 7th January -27 -27
Friday 8th January -6 +21
WEEK 29 TOTALS +159 +138
Monday 11th January +69 +48
Tuesday 12th January +21 +21
Wednesday 13th January +48 +48
Thursday 14th January -27 -27
Friday 15th January +48 +48
WEEK 30 TOTALS +159 +144
Monday 18th January +48 +48
Tuesday 19th January -27 -27
Wednesday 20th January -27 -27
Thursday 21st January -6 +48
Friday 22nd January +96 +48
WEEK 31 TOTALS +84 +90
Monday 25th January +48 +48
Tuesday 26th January +21 +21
Wednesday 27th January +21 +21
Thursday 28th January +48 +48
Friday 29th January -27 -27
WEEK 32 TOTALS +111 +111
Monday 1st February +48 +48
Tuesday 2nd February -54 -54
Wednesday 3rd February +48 +48
Thursday 4th February 0 0
Friday 5th February -6 -6
WEEK 33 TOTALS +36 +36
Monday 8th February +21 +21
Tuesday 9th February +69 +48
Wednesday 10th February +21 +21
Thursday 11th February +48 +48
Friday 12th February -6 -6
WEEK 34 TOTALS +153 +132
Monday 15th February +64 +48
Tuesday 16th February +48 +48
Wednesday 17th February -6 -6
Thursday 18th February +21 +48
Friday 19th February -27 -27
WEEK 35 TOTALS +100 +111
Monday 22nd February +19 +19
Tuesday 23rd February +21 +21
Wednesday 24th February -27 -27
Thursday 25th February -6 -6
Friday 26th February +48 +48
WEEK 36 TOTALS +55 +55
Monday 1st March +21 +21
Tuesday 2nd March +21 +21
Wednesday 3rd March +21 +21
Thursday 4th March +48 +48
Friday 5th March +21 +21
WEEK 37 TOTALS +132 +132
GRAND TOTALS +4,667 +4,260
AVERAGE PER DAY +25.2 +23.0
AVERAGE PER WEEK +126.1 +115.1

All of these results are stated after deduction of the 'spread' (the commission the spread betting company charges on each trade). Some people choose to provide their results before the spread and that can be quite misleading.

The 'Early Bird' column of the table shows the results for the way I choose to trade the system now that the initial period of live testing is over. It enables me to get in early, make my money and close up shop as quickly as possible, leaving the rest of the day to do what I please with.

The beauty of the 'Early Bird' approach is that I am done by 9am on most days and often as early as 8am. It is very, very rare that I venture into the afternoon. To my mind, that strikes the right balance between trading and having the time to actually enjoy the financial rewards it brings. However, that is just my personal choice and how you choose to trade the system is entirely down to you.

"25.2 Points Profit Per Day..."

Let's have a closer look at the results in the table...

First, you will notice that using the system 'Daily' from 6am to 5pm over the 37 weeks of live trading has produced an average profit of 25.2 points per day, or 126.1 points per week. That is even better than the 24.8 points per day the system averaged during 'back-testing'.

More impressive still are the results from the 'Early Bird' approach. Although, at 23.0 points, it produces 2.2 fewer points per day, it only takes a fraction of the time... in most cases, just two or three hours... sometimes even one hour... first thing in the morning.

I'll remind you that most 'professional' traders are looking for just 5 to 10 points profit per day to make a very nice living... my system is averaging 23 to 25!

"Just One Losing Week in 37..."

On top of this exceptionally low loss rate, you will also see that, traded 'Daily', the system has produced just one losing week in around nine months of trading. Even then, that modest loss of 27 points was easily recovered in profits from the very next trading day.

The 'Early Bird' also came up with just the one losing week and, again, the small loss of 36 points was quickly recovered the very next trading day.

Before we move on, I would like to say a couple of things about losses. Listening to most trading system providers, you would think that losses just don't happen. You would certainly be hard-pressed to find any mention of them on their websites or in their sales letters!

The truth is that every single trader and every single trading system produces losses and anyone who tries to make you believe otherwise is shamefully pulling the wool over your eyes.

I am happy to disclose my full results, including losses, because there is no need to fear losses if you see them for what they really are... a necessary part of your trading 'business'.

Your winning trades represent the 'sales' of your business. But, just like any other business, there are costs associated with making those sales.

In a wholesale business, those would be the costs of buying in the goods for resale. In a manufacturing business, they would be the costs of the raw materials and labour to produce the goods for sale.

In the trading 'business' the costs are the losing trades you must incur to create the opportunity to make winning trades.

In the same way that a traditional business is profitable if its sales exceed its costs, a trading 'business' will be profitable if you have a system - like mine - that ensures your winnings exceed your losses on a consistent basis.

"Twice The Average National Wage...
For Watching A Computer Screen!"

OK. Points are one thing, but I'm sure you're more interested in how those points turn into prizes... sorry, money.

As you now know, the profit or loss in money is simply the profit or loss in points multiplied by whatever stake was specified when the trade was opened.

So let's have a look at what the above results from the 'Daily' and 'Early Bird' approaches would have put into your bank account at various staking levels...

per Point
per Week
per Year
'Early Bird'
per Week
'Early Bird'
per Year
1 126 5,796 115 5,290
5 630 28,980 575 26,450
10 1,260 57,960 1,150 52,900
20 2,520 115,920 2,300 105,800
50 ??? ??? ??? ???
100 ??? ??? ??? ???

Two things to note. First, I have allowed for six weeks time off from trading for holidays and so forth in the annual figures.

Second, remember that these figures are all totally tax-free! Every penny is yours to keep and do what you want with. You would have to earn anything up to double those amounts in 'salary' to have the same 'take home pay', once the tax man has had his slices of your pie.

The table shows that, even at a modest stake of 5 per point, you would have been clearing nearly 29,000 per year trading from 6am to 5pm each day.

That equates to a gross salary before tax and National Insurance of more than 50,000 per annum... around twice the UK national average annual wage of around 25,000.

Most people have to slog away pretty hard at something they probably don't enjoy very much, to earn that 25,000. You could have been earning twice as much from simply keeping an occasional eye on a computer screen and doing something that takes a couple of minutes whenever you see a simple signal. It doesn't seem fair, does it?

Increase your stakes beyond 5 per point and things start to get pretty exciting!

Double your stakes to 10 per point and you could have been earning nearly 53,000 per year from the 'Early Bird' approach alone... again, totally tax-free... and on most occasions, done and dusted by breakfast! That, my friend, puts you squarely in the top 10% of take-home pay in the UK!

But we're only just getting started...

"Put That In Your Calculator
And See If It Doesn't Get You Excited!"

Double your stakes again to 20 per point and we are talking about seriously life-changing money! Imagine what you could do with the 2,300 per week the 'Early Bird' approach has delivered, when you had most of the day, every day, to spend it?

I have left the rest of the table for you to fill in. I will simply say that most spread betting companies will allow you to stake up to 100 per point. Put that in your calculator and see if it doesn't get you excited!

But, before either of us gets too carried away, it's time for a bit of a 'reality check'...

Unless you already have a sizeable chunk of money to invest, you won't be staking 10 or 20 per point from Day One. You are much more likely to be starting at 1 and then growing your trading 'bank' - and, hence, your stakes - steadily through reinvesting all or part of your winnings.

But, if you are prepared to be a little patient and reinvest all or most of your winnings in the early stages, getting from where you are now to the income of your dreams need not take very long at all.

"How To Turn 540 Into 124,172..."

I started my 'live' trading with an initial deposit of 540 and stakes of 1 per point.

Trading the system and reinvesting all of the profits, that 540 has grown into 124,172 in just 37 weeks... that's considerably more than 200 times my initial investment in nine months! Just a little better than putting your money in a building society!

But even more extraordinary is how this growth in my trading 'bank' has allowed me to increase my stakes. I started at a lowly 1 per point and that has grown steadily... to 2, 3, 4... right up to 50 per point at the moment, and still rising.

So, not only has my little system enabled me to turn 540 into 124,172, it is also gving me an average income of 1,260 per day... 6,300 per week... and more than 25,000 per month... all totally tax-free!

To add the icing to the cake, I got my 540 back a long time ago, so this exceptional income has not cost me a penny of my 'own' money to generate!

And now it gets even more interesting.

Due to 'the miracle of compounding', the larger your stakes are, the quicker they grow. So, if I continue to reinvest all of my winnings, my stakes will hit 60, 70, all the way up tp 100 in the next few months. It doesn't take a maths genius to see what that will do to my income!

"And Now It's Your Turn..."

Can you do the same? Absolutely! If you had my system nine months ago and started trading when I did, with an initial deposit of 540, staking just 1 per point and reinvesting the profits, you too would now be sitting on 124,172 and earning 6,300 per week, tax-free.

I know that because my system is so simple and categoric. There is no room for 'individual interpretation'. You would have seen exactly the same signals I saw, opened exactly the same trades I opened and won exactly the same amount of money I won. It's as simple as that.

Of course, you can't go back in time, but you don't have to. My system is churning out consistent profits and shows no sign of changing its ways. So there is every reason to suppose that the next 37 weeks and beyond are going to provide amazing returns similar to those I have already enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

But what if you don't have 540 to invest in your trading 'bank' at the moment? Don't worry! You can start trading the system with as little as 100. Of course, it will then take you a bit longer to earn the really big money, but I think you'll agree that it's well worth the wait!

I should point out that how much of your winnings you take out to spend and how much you reinvest to grow your trading bank is entirely up to you. Just be aware that the more you reinvest, the faster your income will grow and the faster you will achieve whatever your personal income and lifestyle aspirations might be.

My system takes every single trading decision out of your hands and lets you run the whole thing virtually without thinking and, more importantly, without any of the emotion so dangerous to an inexperienced trader.

Of course, you do still have to be in front of your computer to spot the signals and then open the trades, but that is the extent of your involvement.

I am actually very proud of what I have created. Unlike many systems doing the rounds, this is definitely not some rehash or variant of anything already out there. To my knowledge, it is completely unique.

I have tried and tested just about all of the major 'systems' currently being marketed and a whole host of others that people are using to guide their own trading and I have not come across anything that has the same powerful combination of consistent profitability and simplicity that mine does.

"Is This Just Too Good To Be True?"

Phew! Time out!

I hope you are starting to get as pumped-up and excited about the enormous potential of all this as I am!

But, just maybe, there is a thought skulking around the back of your head that goes something like, "Is this just too good to be true? Can this really work for me? And, if it doesn't, will I risk losing the shirt off my back?"

If so, that's understandable. Less than a year ago, I would have been sceptical. In fact, less than a year ago, I was sceptical. I had never done any trading before and just the mention of the word 'betting' had me cringing.

The way to get past that is ignore the 'betting' part altogether and regard this as a 'trading business'. Then evaluate it exactly the same way you would any other 'business opportunity'.

Once in that mindset, you will begin to see trading - the way I do it - in a totally different light, because it has compelling advantages you could only dream were present in other 'business opportunities'...

  • You cannot get this 'wrong'!

    Once I have introduced you to spread betting, every single step of my system can comfortably fit on a generously spaced single sheet of A4 with room to spare.

    Follow those steps and you will be doing exactly what I am doing, exactly when I am doing it.

    Contrast that with most 'business opportunities' where there are so many steps and variables that it is impossible for them all to be covered properly... and, even then, you suspect the author might not be telling you everything.

  • You don't need to bring anything to the party!

    Most 'business opportunities' depend on you having a bunch of skills or aptitudes that are conveniently overlooked in the sales letter.

    If you can't write sales copy... or develop a product... or create a website... or organise a marketing campaign... or (indeed) just run a business... your chances of success are that much reduced.

    My system requires that you look at a computer screen, recognise a blindingly obvious signal and click your mouse button a few times.

    That is comfortably within the skill set of even the most challenged business opportunity seeker!

  • You really can have this up and running in a couple of hours.

    For most 'business opportunities', the 'lead time' between getting the information and actually having a fully-functioning business can be days, weeks or even months.

    Not only do you have to keep yourself motivated during that time, you also run the risk of investing all that time and effort only to find that this wasn't the one for you after all.

    With my system, you really can get the information in the morning and have everything set up and ready to go by lunchtime.

  • You can take this for a 'test drive'!

    With almost all 'business opportunities', it's all or nothing. You have to go the 'whole hog' and set up and run the business for real before you know whether it will work for you or not.

    With my system, you can set up and run the 'business' exactly as you would if you were 'live', but without risking any of your money until you know it works for you.

    All you do is 'paper trade'. You watch for the signals but, instead of opening a trade, you just keep a record of what you would have won. You can carry on like this until you are absolutely confident that the system works for you.

    Or, if you prefer, you can even set up a 'demo account' and trade with 'pretend' money until you are ready to go 'live'.

    Wouldn't life be so much easier if all business opportunities were like this?

  • You know exactly how much this is going to cost (not a lot!).

    With so many business opportunities, you can never be entirely sure of how much you need to put in before you get anything out. One thing is for sure... it is almost always more than you first thought!

    With my system, you decide on how much to put into your initial trading bank and then that's it.

    Your business will be primed and ready to go and you need never commit another penny to it unless you choose to.

    What's more, you can start this 'business opportunity' with as little as 100... not enough to get the logo designed for most businesses!

  • This business grows on 'auto-pilot'!

    With most 'business opportunities', starting the business is often the easy part.

    Actually growing it... and continuing to grow it... to a level where it meets your lifestyle aspirations usually requires an increasing commitment in time, energy and money.

    My system grows itself.

    Reinvest some of your profits and follow the staking plan I give you and your income will grow strongly, consistently and reliably from week to week and month to month.

    And, not only is the growth rate something most other businesses can only dream of, it is all totally self-financing!

  • This business is safe

    That statement might surprise you. Surely this involves trading and that must make it 'risky'? Doesn't it?

    Look at it this way. If I showed you that doing 'A', 'B' and 'C' produced 'X' amount of profit, day in and day out, week after week, for 7 months...

    ...and then you could prove for yourself, without risking any of your own money, that doing 'A', 'B' and 'C' produced the same 'X' amount of profit for another one, two or three months (whatever it took to convince you)... confident would you be that putting real money on the line and doing 'A', 'B' and 'C' would still produce that 'X' amount of profit?

    That is exactly what we are talking about here.

    How 'risky' would that be compared to, say, starting a 'traditional' business where you have no real idea whether you are doing it 'right', whether you will make any profit and, if so, what that profit will be?

    This is not some vague 'business template'. It is a tried and tested set of exact instructions for making consistent profits that you can actually prove for yourself before you risk a penny.

    In my view that makes this safer than any 'business opportunity' I have been involved in.

  • You don't depend on anyone or anything!

    OK, you do need your spread betting company and you do need a computer with a working Internet connection. But that's about it.

    Unlike virtually any other business opportunity, you don't have to rely on anyone else for your business success. There are no printing companies to get your ordering address wrong on a mail shot... no website designers to screw up your shopping cart when you are trying to take orders... no postal service to send your orders to the wrong people... no credit card providers to mysteriously put your account on hold just when you need it... no bank to decide on a whim not to process your standing orders one month.

    (Yes, those are all things that have happened in my other businesses!)

    And, dare I add, there are no customers to keep happy!

    If you have ever run your own business, you will know that the potential for cock-ups grows in direct proportion to the number of other people involved in the process. Here, it's just you and an Internet connection.

    You stand or fall on our your actions alone, and that is a very empowering and liberating feeling!

  • You don't need any 'oomph'!

    Let's face it. Almost all business or 'money-making' opportunities require one hell of a lot of commitment to get going. Just to kick them off... much less make a success of them... you have to invest a whole bunch of your time and effort. In short, you are going to have to work really hard.

    And that is why as much as 80% of people who buy a 'business opportunity' never even try to implement it. Many never even get as far as taking the cellophane wrapper off! There is seldom enough room in already hectic lives to take on something as major as starting a new business.

    All my system asks of you is that you look at a screen and act on some very simple signals. Little thought and zero initiative are required. You can even get on with something else at the same time!

    There are simply no excuses with this one!

"Finally, A 'Business Opportunity'
You Can't Get Wrong..."

I could go on (and on), but I trust you get the idea. Look at this as a business opportunity (which it is) and you'll see that it knocks spots off anything else you might have tried or considered trying.

I mean, where else can you start a business...

  • With so little money... as little as 100
  • With so little time... up and running in a couple of hours
  • With so little equipment... a tired old PC and an Internet connection
  • With so little training... I could show you everything in an hour
  • With so little skill... just watch for the signal and act on it
  • With so little 'entrepreneurial flair'... it would get in the way!
  • With so little risk... test drive everything for as long as you want
  • With so much potential... the sky is pretty much the limit!
Now I'll be honest. When I set out on this quest it was with my 'business opportunity' hat on. Financial spread betting is clearly a 'hot' topic and I had to investigate it.

So I did my market research. I went out and bought pretty much every product going. But I could get none of them to work for me, a total beginner to trading.

It seemed to make sense that other total beginners would be having the same problem I did. So, if I created a system that worked for me, I would have a ready market to sell it to.

"This Is Just Too Darned Good To Share!"

That was the plan. But, after developing my system and profiting from using it for the last seven months, I have had a change of heart...

This is just too darned good to share with the whole world!

Let me tell you what I mean...

Normally, a 'business opportunity' provides a 'blueprint' or 'template' for a business. There are thousands of subtly different ways in which customers can implement that blueprint to create their own versions of the 'finished product'. So there is very little prospect that the market will become 'over-crowded' or that individuals will end up directly competing with each other (or me).

This system is very different. Everybody I share this with will be seeing exactly the same signals and entering and exiting exactly the same trades at exactly the same time.

If a few thousand people are doing that, there won't be a problem. The forex markets are vast, with millions of transactions worth more than $1.5 TRILLION being traded every single working day. A few more aren't going to remotely scratch the surface.

However, the more people I share this information with, the more likely it will 'leak' out and who knows what could happen then?

If it ended up with hundreds of thousands of people all trading my signals, that might start to have an effect. Particularly if a big chunk of them were using the same spread betting company, all trying to get their trades filled at the same time.

Now, I readily admit that may be a very remote possibility, but I intend to be using my system for many years to come and I don't want to take the chance, no matter how slim.

So I actually considered not releasing this at all.

But that really wouldn't be fair.

I am in the business of providing my customers with top-notch money-making opportunities. Here is one that literally anyone can use to finally gain the financial independence they have been seeking... even if they have failed at pretty much everything else they have tried... and here I am thinking of keeping it to myself.

So, after much internal debate, I decided on a compromise...

I am offering to share my system once and once only to 200 of my customers and then that's it. I will never offer this again and my system will never go on general release outside my customer list.

So please be in no doubt...

This letter you are now reading is your one and only chance to share this system... ever! This system will never be made available again. It's now or never.

As an existing customer of mine, you probably already know that when I say there's a limit, I mean there's a limit. And I never make exceptions. Unlike too many other marketers out there, this isn't a cheap marketing gimmick.

And I should warn you that those 200 copies aren't likely to hang around for long!

"How To Become A Lazy Trader"

Here's what I've done.

I have put everything you need to use and profit from my system in a simple package which I call 'Lazy Trader'.

I decided to call it that because (a) you don't have to do very much at all to enjoy success with my system... and (b) I won't ever be putting this on general release, so I didn't want to spend much time on the title!

Let's take a look at exactly what you will be getting in the 'Lazy Trader' package...

  1. The Lazy Trader System Manual

    Absolutely everything you need to know to operate the Lazy Trader system is included in this simple, jargon-free, step-by-step manual.

    And, when I say "everything", I really do mean everything, because I start with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about the markets, trading or spread betting.

    • The Markets and Spread Betting

      I describe in very simple terms the market we are trading in and how spread betting works.

    • Choosing a Spread Betting Company

      I then walk you through selecting a spread betting company and the 10-minute process of setting up your own spread betting account, including how to create a 'demo' account that allows you to trade the system with 'pretend' money until you are confident that it works for you.

      I give you full details of the actual spread betting company I use, if you want to just follow in my footsteps. But I also give you a list of alternatives, should you wish to look further afield.

    • The System

      Next up comes the system itself. I first give you an overview, so you can see how everything comes together. Then I walk you through each of the small number of simple steps to implement the system, including how to display the data you will need on screen and how to recognise the trading signals. Each step is illustrated by screen shots and real-life examples.

      I guarantee you will be very pleasantly surprised, if not shocked, by how ridiculously simple and easy it is!

    • Executing a Trade

      When you get a signal, you will need to open a trade and I show you how to do that with just a few clicks of your mouse, again illustrated with real-life examples.

    • Trading the System

      Having explained the 'core' system, I describe the 'Early Bird' approach that often enables me to bank more than 1,000 (and rising) before breakfast and have the rest of the day to myself. (Have I said how great a feeling that is?) I also include other 'tips and wrinkles' I have come up with through trading the system live for seven months.

    • Money Management

      That is where most system providers would call it a day. However, there are two other aspects of trading that are crucial to your success and no true trading system is complete without addressing both of them.

      The first is 'money management' and is all about... well... how you manage your money! An equally good title would be 'risk management', because the objective is to grow your profits steadily and safely, whilst minimising the effects of any losses.

      I will show you how to start trading with as little as 100 (more if you have it), how to determine exactly how much to stake on each trade and how to reinvest all or some of your profits to grow your income day-by-day and week-by-week.

      There is nothing complicated here. Yet these simple money management techniques allowed me to turn 540 into 124,172 and build an income of more than 25,000 a month (and growing) in just 37 weeks.

    • Trading Psychology

      The second overlooked area is 'trading psychology'. Don't worry, I'm not going to put you on a couch and anaylse you!

      The only reason my system will not work for you is if you don't follow it. You may say, "Give me a working system and of course I will follow it!" That's your rational self talking (and making good sense).

      Unfortunately, when you start trading with your own hard-earned money, there are two of your irrational selves also whispering in your ear and they are called Fear and Greed.

      It happens to all new traders and it will happen to you. The fact that you probably don't believe me at the moment is precisely why I devote a whole section of the manual to your worst enemy in trading... you!

  2. The Lazy Trader Companion CD

    The system is so simple and easy to follow that you shouldn't need anything other than the manual to operate it. However, I want to make absolutely sure that there is no doubt in your mind.

    So I have also included a set of video tutorials on a CD-ROM. I walk you through complete trading days and actual trades so you can see the system in action 'live' on screen in front of you.

    Simply pop the CD-ROM into the CD drive of your computer and watch the tutorials whenever and as often as you want.

  3. On-Going Support

    I really want you to succeed with this. So I will give you a special email address you can contact me on, should anything at all be unclear or you just want to get my advice on some aspect of operating the system.

    With something as simple as this, you probably won't need my help. But, whether you do or don't, it's comforting to know that I'm ready and willing to offer every assistance to make sure this works for you.

  4. Advice and Updates

    I am continually on the look-out for ways to make the system even more profitable and effective.

    For example, I am currently testing a couple of 'tweaks' that are looking very, very promising. One could squeeze significantly more profit from winning trades and the other could increase the impressive 'Early Bird' strike rate even further.

    Owners of the package will receive these and all other updates I make to the system, along with on-going tips and advice on the best way to use it, totally free of charge.

    Remember... this is a living, breathing system I use every day to generate profits for myself. So you can be confident that I intend to maximise its money-making potential for many years to come. And you'll be the first to know about anything I do that helps to make that happen!

It should take you no longer than a leisurely couple of hours to go through the entire package. Everything is concise and to the point, so don't expect some massive tome relating the history of trading or explaining complex market behaviour.

I give you everything you need to understand and operate the system, but no more. Telling you stuff you don't need to know is only going to confuse you and detract from the glorious simplicity of the system.

Besides, if you really want to 'go deep' into trading, there are thousands of books out there that will oblige. I, for one, operate on a 'need to know' basis and I just don't need to know that stuff!

"But The Best Is Yet To Come..."

But I'm not done yet. There's something I haven't mentioned at all yet that I will also be providing to owners of the package. And this is most definitely a case of saving the best until last!

Everything I have described above relates to applying my system to just one market... and there are dozens of other markets!

I am already in the advanced stages of testing tailored versions of my system on two other markets and the results so far look very exciting. In fact, one of those two may just turn out to be even more profitable than the one I'm trading live on now!

And that could be great news for you, because I am going to let you have full details of each and every new market I test and prove the system on.

Just one additional market could double our profitability. But what about two markets, or three markets, or four markets? I feel like I've just scratched the surface of my 'little' system's potential. I'm incredibly excited about the rest of the journey... and you're invited along for the ride!

"This Is For People Looking For A 'Last Chance'..."

OK. Let's get down to brass tacks. What is it going to cost you to secure one of just 200 copies of 'Lazy Trader' that will ever be made available?

What is a 'fair' price for something that...

  • Tells you how to make money in terms no more complicated than the heating instructions on the back of a ready meal

  • Can transform your finances within weeks

  • Allows you to sack your boss and start living life to the full within months

  • Is the simplest system for making money you are ever likely to come across

  • Will work for absolutely anyone who gives it an honest go
I'll give you a clue. If I was going to put this on general release, I would employ a programmer to build a software package around my simple system, with lots of bells and whistles and flashing red and green lights... and I would charge at least 1,997 for it.

That is exactly what other people have done and (in my experience) they don't even have trading signals that actually work... at least not for the total beginner.

Or maybe I would throw a series of one-day trading seminars at 2,997 a seat. Again, that's what others are doing, without providing a simple system that anyone can take away and start profiting from.

Or I could just create some 'over the shoulder' DVDs, pad it out with 'The History of Trading' (or some such), put it in a nice binder and charge 997 a pop.

But I'm not putting this on general release, so I'm not going to do any of those things and I'm not going to charge any of those 'fair' prices.

I am aiming this package at all of my customers who have maybe failed to make money with everything else they have tried and are desperately looking for something that can finally deliver them the financial freedom they crave.

So the price I have settled on is 197 (plus 4.99 postage and packing). That is genuinely a fraction of the the true value of a package having this much money making potential and simplicity of use.

But it is a price that makes my system accessible to the people who stand to benefit most from sharing it.

To put that figure into context, it represents less than two days worth of recent profits from trading the system at a modest stake of 5 per point.

However, even at that price, I want you to be totally comfortable with finding out if this is right for you, so...

Take My System On A 30-Day Test Drive

I am so convinced you will be amazed by the power and simplicity of the 'Lazy Trader' package that I absolutely guarantee it!

Take a full 30 days to test my system and prove it for yourself without risking any of your own money. Read the manual, watch the tutorials and then 'paper-trade' the signals to satisfy yourself. Even open a demo account and trade with 'pretend money' if you want to.

If you are not completely satisfied that 'Lazy Trader' really does have the potential to change your life, simply return the package to us for an immediate and courteous refund of the purchase price.

You don't have to give a reason, no questions will be asked and you won't be given any hassle... just a refund of the purchase price within 24 working hours of our receiving the package and a letter of confirmation thanking you for giving it a try. It's as simple as that.

As I hope you appreciate, with only 200 copies being made available ever... at a fraction of the price of systems offering far less simplicity and far less profitability... this offer is not going to be around for long... maybe as little as a few days.

So, if you want to be one of the lucky few granted this unique opportunity to share the fabulous income and lifestyle of a successful trader, you really do need to act now. As soon as those 200 copies have gone, I will take down this page and this once only opportunity will be gone for good.

What Is The Worst That Can Happen?

Look at it this way. What is the worst that can happen if you take up this offer?

Unlike virtually any other money-making opportunity, you can actually test this out without risking a penny of your money. You simply set up a spread betting account (a ten-minute job), look for the signals and see whether they would have made you money or not. It's that easy.

If my system isn't everything I say it is, you're going to know it pretty damn quick and you'll have your money back within 24 working hours of our receiving it back from you. You won't even have to give a reason. All the experience will have cost you is a few hours of your time and the minor irritation of not getting what you thought you were getting.

But what if my system is everything I say it is? In fact, what if it is only partly as good as I say it is? Your whole life could be transformed in a matter of weeks and you could be looking back saying. "That was the best decision I ever made".

Put in those terms, is this really such a difficult decision to make?

But it's a decision that thousands of other people just like you are making as you read this... and there are only 200 places available. Do you want to run the risk of being the 201st person to realise what an exceptional opportunity this is?

I urge you to click on the link below to make your reservation now, before someone else gets there first.

Please note: If you are based in the UK, when checking out please make sure you select 'United Kingdom' from the drop down 'Country' menu to display the UK postal address fields. If you use an automatic form filler, you will need to re-select 'United Kingdom' from the drop down 'Country' menu to display the correct fields.

Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Now

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*** Stop Press! ***

This very morning, I made 2,350 before 8:30am... not too shabby for an hour spent sitting in my dressing gown in front of a computer screen, listening to the radio and sipping a steaming cup of coffee!

In just a few short months from now, that could so easily be your 'working day' too.

But enough! I apologise if this letter has turned out to be a bit longer than it needed to be. I am so genuinely excited about how this 'little' system has changed my life... and so convinced it can do the same for you... that I probably don't know when to shut up about it!

I look forward to welcoming you to a new and very much brighter 'rest of your life'.

My very best wishes

NiScape Limited

PS: If you don't seize this chance, where will you be this time next year? Will you be where you are now, doing the same old things you are doing now, still looking for that one great opportunity to become financially independent... only a year older?

My system offers ordinary people, no matter what their background, the opportunity to transform their finances, dramatically improve their lifestyles and, yes, even make them rich. Do you want to be looking back in a year's time, wondering whether it could have done the same for you?

PPS: There really are only 200 copies of this system available... and it will never be offered again, anywhere. As you read this, who knows how many of those 200 copies will be left?

Just 200 people will be given the rare chance to transform their lives in what is probably the easiest, simplest and most foolproof way I have ever come across.

Click Here Now if you want to be one of them.


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