Three Reasons Why You Should Look To Wholesale Corn Suppliers To Feed Your Livestock

As a meat farmer and a raiser of livestock for food, it is imperative that you keep costs low while raising enough livestock to meet demands and provide lots of meat. One way to do that of course is to feed the animals with a very fattening grain, like oats or corn. Pigs, chickens, and other poultry can manage quite well and get very fat on corn, although you might want to add a little more to their diet until they are ready for processing. To keep the costs low with the corn, consider buying from a wholesale corn supplier. Here are some reasons why you should look to a wholesale supplier of this high-carb grain. 

Low Cost Corn Equals Fatter Animals That Fetch a Higher Price

The more meat that accumulates on the livestock you raise for food, the better. Feeding them corn definitely accomplishes this goal because corn is a high-carbohydrate food, and in animals that are a little more sedentary, that is what you want. When corn feed costs are low, and fatter animals fetch a higher price at market, you make higher profits than if you fed them corn that was not wholesale.

The Same Corn Supplied by Wholesalers Is Sold by Other Feed Mills and Suppliers

Corn is pretty much corn, regardless of who is selling it and where it comes from. Feed corn is going to look the same and taste the same to your animals whether you pay a hundred dollars a bushel or forty dollars a bushel. That said, it boils down to what you want to pay, how much corn you need and want to get, and whether or not you grow your own corn on your farm. 

Your Own Crop Did Not Do as Well

If you grow your own corn for livestock, it may not always come out the way you would expect. What often drives the price of corn for farmers is the length of the growing season, rain and soil conditions, and diseases and pests that get to the corn before the farmers find these problems. If your corn had issues this year, you need to find a good supplier to add more corn to what you have in order to feed your animals and get them to slaughter. Likewise, if you do not grow your own corn, you need a supplier that can give you as much corn as you need and avoid breaking the bank before you can cash in on your livestock.   

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As a meat farmer and a raiser of livestock for food, it is imperative that you keep costs low while raising enough livestock to meet demands and provi

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