Own Commercial Property? Two Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Lot

When you own a business, image is everything. From the time a potential customer drives or walks up to your building, they are formulating an opinion about what they can expect out of your products and services. If you've always placed a major focus on the interior part of your facility it may be time to think outside of the box. Find out how your company can benefit by investing in commercial fertilizer.

Keep Your Lot Looking Good All Year Long

The grass in your lot is at the mercy of the elements. If there is enough rain and sunlight, it can flourish. However, if your building is in an area with inconsistent weather conditions, the grass probably won't be as lush and full as it could be. Patches of dry, brown grass can show up, and if you aren't careful, you could eventually have more weeds than actual grass.

Also, pay attention to the fluctuation of the seasons. You don't want to have great grass in the spring and fall but blunted blades in the summer and nonexistent, barren land in the winter. Take a proactive approach to the condition of your grass. Commercial fertilization can work so well that your lot looks amazing all year round. You won't be at the mercy of Mother Nature because you've made the commitment to add nutrients to the soil on your lot so that the grass can stay green and lush.

Healthy Soil Produces Healthy Plants

Colorful flowers and full, bountiful trees really beautify your lot. Agriculture and horticulture buffs could be so impressed with your curb appeal that they decide to come inside of the building to see what your business is all about!

Developing healthy soil is a science. Soil composition varies depending on your regional area. Although it may appear that all dirt looks the same, the soil on your lot could be primarily composed of sand, clay, or silt. A commercial fertilization service can test out your soil to determine what nutrients are lacking. They can formulate the perfect fertilization concoction which will enrich your soil so that it is a healthy incubation pool for your grass and shrubbery to shoot up green and healthy.

Fertilizing your lot is the first step to creating the kind of curb appeal that gets noticed. Invest in commercial fertilization today and begin the journey toward a healthy, full lot of incredibly attractive grass.

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When you own a business, image is everything. From the time a potential customer drives or walks up to your building, they are formulating an opinion